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Review "Highlights on the ice rink"🤩 ❄️

from 26. November until 30. January

🤩 🏒🧊⛸️❄️⛄

On the 1000 square meter ice field on the Ebisquare in front of the Mall of Switzerland, there were many highlights also this time.

The "Sport und Kulturverein Zentralschweiz" enchanted all visitors with shows like "Christmas o Ice" or "Skate Dance". In addition, on 18. December 2021 everyone could enjoy some live music performed by the Indiepop-Band FATE.

One of the biggest highlights was the Christmas concert of Zeltner Wiehnacht, which attracted many visitors on 22. December 2021 🤩.

We are already looking forward to the highlights in 2022/23 ⛸️❄️⛄

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